My name is Anelia Pashova.  APASH.

Not from bad apaches, robbers and thieves, but rather I consider myself to be a person outside the system.

A little information about me.
I completed my master’s degree at the National Academy of Arts – major in Illustration.
I am a member of “Society of Animals, Florists and Scientific Illustrators”. I am currently a freelance artist and owner of a indefatigable black dog. My shadow and soul mate.

I grew up with a love of classical art. Ink and aquarelle are my favorite techniques.
I love pencil, eraser and brush and cannot replace this feeling with a tablet or computer. Digital is not my tool.
Not that I don’t use programs, but I try to minimize their interference with my illustrations. To stay alive and true.

My creativity is obsessed with all kinds of animals, and drawing dogs, in addition to becoming a symbol of my style, is also a very strong emotional part of me.