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What do I need to know when ordering a portrait

I need as many photos as possible, I prefer to be made with a camera or high quality, let them have a low horizon (at the level of the animal, not the top shot). The most appropriate are the photos in a sitting or upright position, close-up and, where possible, no tongue.

From them I will choose the most suitable one or I will combine. You can send them as an archived file or download link

Please do not send them via facebook or instagram because social networks reduce image quality.

More than one portrait
There is no problem with a portrait of two or three dogs, a dog and a kitten, and any other options. I will be able to give you a specific price after discussing the details.

I do not include human figures in the portraits.

Portraits can be painted with aquarelle, pencil or ink (I often combine).
After seeing the pictures, I can recommend the technique.

Sometimes I add accessories to the dogs – something that would suit them, their favorite item etc.
You can let me know if you would like to add something specific – hat, scarf, glasses, bow tie and so on.

I usually work in about 21/30 cm (A4) format, which is sufficient to develop a detail. If you would like the drawing to be larger, you can send me a request my email.


The frame is included in the price. It is from black, wood material and anti-reflection glass.
Can be replaced with white or brown, if more suitable for the portrait.

There is no problem sending the picture without a frame, if you prefer to frame it.

Deadlines are determined by additional agreement.
If you are chasing a certain date, you can inform me and if I have the opportunity I will comply with it. *
* Please note that the minimum time for order completion is one week and I am unable to accept urgent orders.

The payment is in two parts – a 50%  before I start the drawing , send by bank transfer or PayPal.
The remaining payment you can make after receiving the original drawing to the courier.

Your order will be sent free of charge to your most comfortable Econt office / address.

You can make it to the specified mail or directly from the website here.
After ordering the portrait, I will contact you to clarify the details.




If you have any other questions, you can contact me by email: